After twenty years on the lesson tee I believe that to lower your handicap you must focus on five fundamentals:

  • Pivot - how you twist, turn and displace weight
  • Orbit - how the club shaft moves around your body
  • The Short Game - wedge play, pitching, chipping, and bunkers
  • Putting - lagging them close and making the short ones
  • Shot Selection - knowing what shots to take and how to hit them

I will only modify and shape your existing foundation in order to show you what you have the ability to accomplish on the golf course. I DO NOT believe in teaching the same swing model to everyone, but rather one that is unique to each individual based on their current needs, ability level, and overall desire. Working in this manner helps to make your practice time as “painless” as possible and accelerates your learning curve. I want you to get as much out of each of your coaching sessions as you can. 

We will analyze your swing and work towards a model that allows you to integrate your body and the club shaft into a motion that you can replicate time and again so you can have ball strike consistency on the course. Coaching that focuses on how to wedge it close, pitch, chip and putt will tighten up your short game. This and a solid putting stroke can usually make up for any ball strike anomalies once you learn to manage your shots on the course.

Course management is learning how to coordinate the above fundamentals so you always hit the highest percentage shot based on the needs of your game. With the proper coaching in this area you can learn how to choose your shots wisely so you can become a better player almost instantly.  My goal is to help you improve these “master fundamentals” and to teach you how to integrate them into your game so you can have more fun on the golf course.

 Remember it's a game...not a death march so let's get you the tools you need to enjoy it.





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