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TRACKMAN uses the same military Doppler radar technology which tracks a missile in flight. Engineers in Denmark adapted the missile tracking technology producing a product capable of tracking a live golf ball in flight accurate to 1 foot per 100 yards; making TRACKMAN the most accurate radar technology on the planet. TRACKMAN is the ONLY radar technology on the market which tracks a ball in flight from start to finish. Every other radar on the market takes the first 18 inches of a shot and then extrapolates the shot thus creating a far less accurate measurement than TRACKMAN provides.

Ever wonder what your swing speed REALLY is? How far you hit your 7 iron? The height you hit your 3 wood? Carry distance of your driver? The length of a swing necessary needed to fly it exactly 94 yards? TRACKMAN gives you those answers and then compares your data with the best players in the world.

Video courtesy TrackMan - Go to their YouTube page HERE.

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